Oct. 18th, 2007


Oct. 18th, 2007 10:54 am
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Well, the details have been settled.  But now I need someone to come let the poor beagle boys out on Saturday.  Because I'll be gone from 9 am until god only knows when.  Does anyone have time to come spend an hour or so at my house with two adorable but rambunctious beagles on Saturday between about 2pm and 7 pm?  It would really help to know that I don't have to rush back from Duluth (where the internment will be). 

Gah, I'm not fond of asking for help, but unless the weather suddenly decides to cooperate, Saturday is going to be the only day dry enough to mow the lawn.  Could anyone just come run the mower over the lawn at some point on Saturday?  The back practically qualifies as hay. 

As LT reminded me last night while I was finally melting down, I'm not exactly good at asking for help.  I need to remember that it makes me happy to be able to help my friends, I need to share that happiness with others.  Or something.
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Look!  It's another attempt to post something more than memes and when something awful happens. 

The biggest change in my life is that I have an absolutely fabulous new job!  I'm now a Research Assistant at Jeffrey Slocum & Associates ( www.jslocum.com ).  It's an institutional investment advice firm; what I really like is that the focus is on non-profit clients.  Basically, I'm the admin for a research team. I do a lot of calendar stuff.  I'm also doing a lot of work on the spreadsheets they use.  The guys I work with are all wonderfully smart, but dear gods they have no sense for formatting at all!  Apparently, they're in awe of some basic formatting changes.  Look! Change the labels so you can read them!  Oooooh conditional formatting tells you when you're late!  Okay, even I was impressed with conditional data validation - fortunately, I found a website that made that spectacularly easy.  A lot of the spreadsheets they use make me itch, so I think I'll have plenty to do that way. My other big focus is on processes and documentation of such.  Less glamorous, but it is much needed, especially because we're a financial firm.  SEC audits are not fun nor glamorous. 

Fortunately, despite the fact that I haven't even been here a month, the new job has been fabulous about flexible hours and bereavement leave and my brain being mush for a while.  I would not have gotten that at the old job.

Last night I finally hit the wall and totally melted down. 

[personal profile] lthomas987was fabulous and fed me and took care of me.  I'd kind of been wondering when that would happen.  

Not a ton of excitement, but tonight [profile] wiredferretcomes to visit!  I'm really looking forward to dinner and stuff tonight.  It will be very good to see her.  I owe her big thanks for letting me debrief to her every night on the way home from the hospital.  Poor LT didn't need to be awoken at 12:30 am so I could tell her all about it. 

Yay!  A real entry!



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