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Since I think I totally forgot to post the newsflash here, I'm currently working on my masters in technical communications at Metro State. Then I got laid off in March. I am actively hunting for a job, but there are quite frankly very few to even apply for. Since job hunting is mainly a numbers game, this means things are going glacially slowly. Fortunately, I've got school to distract me.  The current plan is now threefold:
1. Continue job hunting thoroughly, at least until fall semester starts.
2. Go full time at school for the fall semester at least. This gets me much further into my degree, and sets me up for a decent internship or the ability to apply for more jobs in tech comm at least.
3. Turn my nascent web design/development into an actual functioning business.

I'm also working on the project management certificate program available at Metro State, so my main class still left this semester is Project Management. It's an entirely online class, which is handy and not so good at the same time. Right now, I'm plowing through my research paper for this class. After over a ream of paper about best communication practices in virtual teams, my brain is very full. So I'm hunting displacement activities that don't mean I stop working for an hour or so. This seemed like a place to start.  We'll see if this posting spate lasts any longer than the previous ones. I won't bet on it, but we'll see.

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