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There are a few downsides to this sudden return of knitting energy.  I want to start all kinds of new projects!  I really should finish a few first. :)  Part of the impetus for this has been trying to decide on what knitting to take for the trip to Seattle. 

I ripped out my current sock in progress, because I'd made the leg too long, resulting in not enough yarn for the foot.  I could just take the other ball of that yarn and start over.  I've brought the book to work to photocopy the pattern. 

I'm not taking Lina's blanket, because it is large/bulky.  That shouldn't take too much longer to finish, though. 

If I were virtuous, I would take the Christmas stocking I promised to make for my sister-in-law.  Heck, I need to make one for that brand-new brother-in-law I picked up this past weekend. Not too bulky, very simple knitting (essentially, make a giant sock).  Must remember to bring in the old pattern to scan next week.  Mom promised to make the crocheted snowmen required.  I'll have to remind her that the yarn is at her house. At least that way, if she doesn't get the crochet done, it's not my fault the stockings aren't ready!  I also need to check and see where the color balance is at on the mantel.  The girls' stockings were both green, because that balanced things.  I'm not sure where we're at now.  

I'm currently frustrated with my lace stole.  I was stupid and relied on the magnets, which, of course, slipped in my bag.  Now I have to figure out where I am and why I'm off by a stitch. Plus, it's a large chart and not easily transportable. Thus, it's not going with to Seattle. Fortunately, I've been listening to the Knit Picks podcast, and I got some good ideas to figure out how to do that.

I'm itching to do something with the beautiful periwinkle laceweight LT brought me from Madrona last year.  The only problem is that we misplaced the ball band and I have no idea how much I have.  I think this means I'm doing a triangle from the point up, so I just quit when I run out of yarn!  I'm thinking if I decide I want an edging, I could do it a contrasting color, but I'm not sure if that will look well.  Decisions, Decisions.  I'm currently trying hard to resist taking the laceweight with me on the trip.  I love knitting laceweight and lace, and it's so lovely and compact!
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I'm finally coming out of a knitting slump, brought on by too much obligation knitting. Now that I'm finally knitting for myself, it's really gotten me back into knitting.  So, I headed off to visit Knitty and take a look at their new fall issue.  It's been over a year since I visited, largely because I wasn't finding inspiration in the patterns.  Not this time! Largely so I can remember what I liked and why: 

Muir:  This could be very nice in the lovely periwinkle blue lace-weight yarn LT brought me from Madrona last winter.  It calls for 1030 yds of yarn, and LT said there was almost half a mile of yarn, so I should have plenty. It's on a size 6 needle, so it should be fairly comfy to knit. 

Henry:   I really have no desire to make a scarf knit lengthwise, but I really like the stitch pattern. I agree with the designer that this could make a great baby blanket. I'm not so sure about working an entire blanket in fingering weight though.  Hmm ... maybe more of a car seat blanket. 

Roam:  One of the things I'm really appreciating about Knitty that is a change is the nice range of sizes in the patterns.  This is a hooded cardigan in sizes that would fit me.  It has some really nice details, including shaping.  I also like the variegated yarn more than I thought I would. 

Mr. Greenjeans: I really like this sweater, and again, I like the variegated yarn more than I thought I would.  One thing I like is the way it's shaped.  Also, it should be fairly easy to lengthen the cabled bottom a bit to hit at a more flattering length for me. 

Totally Autumn:  One of the things that every member of the family noticed when we moved my grandmother to the hospice unit at North Memorial was the beautfiul hand-made bright pink quilt on her bed.  One of the nurses explained that the blankets and nightgowns/pajamas were made for the patients by volunteers.  Right then and there, I decided I wanted to knit a blanket for the unit.  The patient across the hall had a lovely crocheted blanket in fall colors.  Originally I thought I'd finally get around to trying the Great American Aran Afghan.  That's a rather large afghan, and I think it might be a bit much for that.  This pattern is better, I think.  It's of a good size (not too big), interesting to knit, and makes good use of variegated yarn.  When did I suddenly become in love with variegated yarn?  Rummaging around on the 'nets, I've found a couple of yarns that will wash well and won't break the bank.  Paton's Melody is currently at the top of the list, although Bernat's Boucle Stripes is good too. Bernat's Masala has some good colorways.

Not a Knitty pattern, but I also really want to make myself some knee-highs.  Now that I can dress much more casually at work, I'm really not interested in wearing hose when I don't have to.  Also, I mostly wear shoes that need something a wee bit heavier than hose or even trouser socks. So, I think I shall embark up on making up my own pattern.  If I do them toe-up, I can continue to try them on and make sure I'm getting the shaping right.  Elizabeth Zimmerman gives the math for doing calf-shaping in one of her books.  I think I can do this! 

LIfe is rather busy right now, although it's full of good things.  Tonight, we decorate the heck out of the yard (actually, LT will likely have most of it done before I get home), and I get to hand out large quantities of candy to hopefully large quantities of kids.  I'm hoping that the weather cooperates so we can break our record. Tomorrow it's off to ICON where I'll get back to running an Art Show.  It's been long enough that I think I'll be able to have fun at it again.  It helps that I'll have Nate, the uber staffer to help.


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