Oct. 26th, 2007 10:44 am
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Life is chugging along.  Last night was date night for LT and I, so we went to the Champlin 5-8, which was fabulous as usual.  I need to remember that Thursday nights there are bingo nights.  This makes for a much more crowded and loud restaurant.  Also, holy moly, the caller is from Minnesota.  I suspect a bunch of time "up north."  It's really funny to watch LT trying to make that Minnesota "o" sound.  

Work is perking along.  Right now, I'm frankly bored.  I've played with the spreadsheets I can.  Everyone else is fantastically busy writing up the attributions from the holdings I requested (no, that shouldn't make sense to anyone not in this industry). So, I'm left with one of two truly fascinating projects: 
 1.  Try to take apart the stack of wire-bound books in my bottom drawer.  Scan them in. Upload them to the portal site. 
 2.  Upload stuff from the network drive to the portal. 

Neither of these involves much brain work at all.  I could also work on writing up the procedures for the quarterly international attribution. I've been putting that off.  I'm very comfortable with gathering the data.  I'm mostly comfortable with writing the procedures out.  I'm not comfortable at all with how to format the darn things.  I've bugged [profile] wiredferret for guidance before, and she's been very kind about it.  Googling failed to find me any appropriate resources.  

Finally it occurred to me that someone had to have written some books on this.  So, off to Amazon I went.  After some fruitless searching, I finally stumbled on something that's relatively close.  Fortunately, in the related books, I found a much more closely related title.  Woot!  It looks like there is information out there.  But it isn't cheap, and I didn't want to ask my new company to spend much more money on me right now.  Hmm .... Time to see just how much paying off my civic contribution (aka my library fines) was going to cost.  Fortunately, it was something I could swing.  Further digging revealed that I can actually make ILL requests online.  Ooooooh these people are DOOMED.  DOOMED, I tell you! *evil chuckling*

Yesterday, two of the books came in.  Technical Writing for Dummies is utterly pointless. It tries to cover far too much in one book.  Also, none of it relates to the particular type of writing I'm doing.  However, the other book How to Write Policies, Procedures, and Task Outlines, this one is worth the time.  I've got several others coming via ILL, but I don't know how long it will take to get them. So, I'm reading at work, and thinking about how to apply this.
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Work just got a WHOLE lot more interesting. My boss is leaving at the end of the month to move back to Colorado and become an agent again. Which leaves me effectively in charge of the office, but without the manager's pay or authority. We've got two new agents starting on Monday, which is going to make it really interesting. She thinks it will likely be September before they get us a new manager, so it's going to be a VERY interesting summer. As my boss keeps reminding me, I am not the manager, and I should not try to do the whole job. But, it isn't fair to the new agents to strand them without the proper training to really make a go at this business. So, I'll be doing the best I can to get them properly trained and through all the right schools, etc. It's pretty scary, because my boss and I work so well together that she's just handed over parts to me, and I just let her do her thing. This means I don't know as much as I would like to about some things I'll be responsible for.

Should be an interesting summer!
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Well, my life may be getting more interesting around the office quite shortly here. We've got a problem agent, let's call her Chickypoo. She's an employee agent who honestly doesn't believe she's an employee or that she needs to listen to the agency manager at all. She whines and complains and demands rules exceptions because she had one really big sale last October. She's pissed at me because I wrote my auto and renter's insurance with a different agent and didn't refer a friend to her.

There are 5 agents in our office and hopefully soon there will be more. Three of them have offices at the far end of the office which are closer to the back door than my desk. Understandably, they tend to use that door when they come and go. However, this has made it increasingly difficult to keep track of who is in and who is out. Additionally, I've got enough going on that I just plain forget on a regular basis. This makes dealing with clients a bit difficult.

To solve this problem we bought a in/out board that hangs near my desk. It is a quick, easy, visual check for me. I sent an email yesterday that asked that all the agents please be sure to mark themselves in or out. If they wanted to call me, I'd be happy to move the magnet, but I did emphasize that if they didn't get me, it was going to be their responsibility to mark themselves in or out. Quite frankly, in response to Chickypoo, I also emphasized that I was going to be relying on the status board. If you didn't bother to mark yourself as in, I would be telling your clients that you weren't in.

I'm not sure when Chickypoo arrived this morning, but I realized she was in at some point. Before lunch, I got a phone call for her from the home office; the caller was about to leave the offfice for the day and was concerned that she needed to talk with Chickypoo. As usual, Chickypoo left her "Do Not Disturb" signal on her phone, so I couldn't transfer the call through. I headed back to her office. I knocked on the door, stuck my head in, and casually mentioned that I'd marked her as in. She absolutely exploded at me, very upset that I'd done this. She was literally yelling at me that this in/out this was ridiculous, it was insulting, she didn't work for me, and she wasn't going to use it! Rather stunned, I tried to explain that it wasn't that she worked for me, but I needed to know when agents were in or out so I could deal with clients appropriately. She continued shrieking at me that this was stupid, she wasn't going to do it, she didn't have to, she wasn't going to do it. Backing up a bit, I said something about well, then she'd have to always be out then. Her response was along the lines of fine, whatever, still at a very raised voice. I then explained that I had this call for her, and the caller was leaving the office and very concerned to reach Chickypoo. However, Chickypoo's DND was on, so I couldn't give her the call. I honestly thought she was going to break the phone by the way she mashed at it to turn the darn thing off.

I went to lunch eventually, and when I got back, my manager was in the hall talking to another agent. We were walking back to the front together when I learned that Chickypoo had gone off on my manager about the in/out board. Not only had she shrieked again, she actually told our manager to "f*ck off". We headed back to my managers office so I could tell her what had happened with Chickypoo while my manager was gone. I went back to work.

A few minutes later, I heard Chickypoo shrieking from clear across the office.  There was an amazing amount of anger and fear in her voice, and I heard her say "get out of my office!"  Very concerned for my manager's safety at this point, I headed back that way to see if I needed to be of assistance.  My manager and I are quite frankly convinced that she's having a nervous breakdown.  

Sheesh, what a day.


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